Library project Mabele Primary School

Reading is fun !! 

One of our big projects for this year was the setting up of a library in the Primary School in Mabele. 

Kathleen & Lorraine came all the way from Australia after they collected donations of books there through the South Pacific School. With the help of so many wonderful people from around the world they were able to raise more than thousands of books and shipped them to Botswana last year. In January it finally happened that these 2 amazing women came over to start the project.

We spent one week setting up the library in the school, labelling the books, sorting them by category, etc. always with help of the head teacher and the librarian that were at least as excited about it as the kids themselves.

Bush Ways Foundation helped by building the shelves, accommodating the ladies at Chobe Elephant Camp, our lodge that is right next door to this amazing school and helping them where available wherever they needed support. You could tell by seeing their passion for the project how much they care for the kids and want them to have access to the best education available.

Thank you, Kathleen and Lorraine, for your big heart and the wonderful library that you created for the kids in this area to support #earlyeducation in our wonderful country.

We are pretty sure the kids can't wait to read as many books as possible, you could tell by looking at their eyes when they saw the books and carried in the big boxes to their new "classroom".

This project is just the start of more than one library for our communities in Khwai and Kavimba as well. We can't wait to start to bring in more of the early education there as well by providing awesome books for the schools.