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From Plastic to Fantastic, from Bottles to Bling

In July and August this year we sponsored a skills development program held by LEA (Local Enterprise Authority) in Khumaga. The training was a package of modules aimed at preparing participants for enterprise start-up and growth in a workshop.
This package is useful in providing participants with the well needed awareness in entrepreneurial competencies, goal setting, Business Opportunities Identification and planning for business start-ups. For us and the people in Khumaga this was a great success.

After the training we interviewed candidates for our new and as we think very exciting project THE KHUMAGA CRAFT PROJECT and we have identified 5 individuals for it.

The Kuhamaga Craft Project is an initiative that is driven by two principals, to reduce waste by turning plastic and glass waste into beautiful craft, as well as to develop sustainable business ventures within the local communities. For this project, Bush Ways Foundation has collaborated with Earth Trading to develop unique craft products and we have provided the teams with the necessary tools and the first steps into creating their own business.

The Khumaga Craft Project for now focusses on 3 programmes, "From plastic to fantastic", Plastic Bead Work like creating colourful earrings, "From bottles to bling", recycled glass like water and wine glasses made from old wine bottles and T-Shirt Printing. The amazing art works that arise from this will be sold to curio shops and as well as to individual tourists that visit Botswana. In this way we want to try and extend the benefits of tourism for the local communities and individuals besides having employment at the lodge and help the people to kick start their own business.