Solar Lamps for Khwai Village

17 March 2015 was a big day for the Bush Ways Foundation! A few months ago the Bush Ways Foundation was approached by Vivo Energy (the owners of Shell Africa) to find out if we knew of any villages that could benefit from their Solar Lamp Project.

The answer was an emphatic "yes" - Khwai Village is in desperate need! Since then the Foundation team worked closely with Vivo to arrange a date where Vivo could come with us to visit the village, hand over the lights and have a celebration with the community. Each household in the village (just over 100) was given 2 lamps each. While this may seem like a pretty insignificant amount to those of us blessed with being able to get light at the flick of a switch, to those where the only light source is from your fire in the evening, these 2 lamps can significantly alter your life. Being based in a wildlife-rich area, the people of the village have to live side by side with wild animals, and a simple light in a household could go long way in preventing a possibly dangerous encounter. In addition to this, the potential to grow and develop youngster’s education is severely hampered when the day ends as soon as it gets dark. How do you read a book, or play a game in the dark?