Khwai Pre-School

Giving back to the community

In the beautiful haven of Khwai Village, the Foundation has commenced building a pre-school, set to educate approximately 30 kids from this hearty community. Currently, together with LAMB International and Naletsana Trust, efforts to sustain this education hub will see continuous drive by the Foundation to create the well needed awareness for the cause. 

In February this year we were able to open our pre-school and it was just overwhelming to see all the little ones that were so much looking forward to their first day in school. We have a wonderful teacher by the name of Phetso and her assistant that are so much appreciated and loved by the children. We would not be able to do all that without those 2 wonderful ladies. 

The kids of Khwai don't have easy access to schools and therefore education and now with the new pre-school in the village they don't have to be separated from their families to being able to get #earlylearning. Families belong together and that's how it should be.

We have to thank our partners from LAMb International and Naletsana Charity Organisation and Khwai Private Reserve for their support and hard work they did together with us to make this happen! Only together we can make a difference and that's why partnership is so important to us. Our support for the Village Day Care Center of course still continuous as there will always be items that will need fixing, improvement or replacement. 

If you want to support the project or our foundation you can find out more on how to contribute here