Donate a Door - Phase 1

Donate a door came about when one of our staff member's child got attacked by a leopard while sleeping in the Khwai village.

This happened as they had no door and were using a curtain as a temporary door. Bush Ways Foundation then realized that one of the biggest needs in the Khwai village were properly installed doors for the community as the village is in a wildlife management area. With the help of Safari Destinations, Nature Zone, Kelly Disang, Sense of Africa, Karen Harding, Dot Falconer,  Jackie Brown and Lamb International. We were able to raise 15 doors, 10 Door frames, 10 locks and 10 hinges, poles and metal. We are looking forward to phase 2 where the Doors will be installed with the help of Nature Zone and the Kalahari adventure and Sango Staff.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to donate a door.