Christmas Drive 2018

We had our annual Christmas Drive in Ditshiping towards end of December 2018.

In 2018 we decided to do our Christmas Drive in the Okavango Delta, a small village called Ditshiping, a good 3hours drive from Maun is where Bush Ways takes guests for their Delta experience on safari. The people from this village hardly have access to shops, schools or luxury because it is so remote. Those amazing people always create wonderful memories for our guests by showing them THEIR home.

With our annual Christmas Drive we made a lot of kids and parents very happy. The excitement was huge when we arrived and the kids could not help themselves but always sneaking around when we prepared our handing out of the Christmas gifts. That alone was amazing to watch and such a reward to see all the shining eyes of the little ones when they spotted something they liked and decided they must have it.

With the help of Samaritan donations we were able to hand out 110 boxes to the entire village and no kid was disappointed or was left without an amazing gift.

This is why we love what we do and we will do it every year again!